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JD McGee, Inc. works with a variety of Contractors to assist in challenging design situations and to resolve previously undisclosed issues, when they arise. We make every effort to be responsive to urgent client needs on construction.

We tailor our services and contracts to the Contractor’s specific needs. For example, we have contracts with some Contractors for on-call services with a fixed minimum price so they know up-front what to tell their clients. For other Contractors, time and materials contracts are preferred. Some Contractors provide a design for review and assistance with specific component design and others prefer that we develop the entire design, including drawings.

Your projects willget personal attention. On projects with a site development component, we provide surveying as well as engineering services. Our Surveyor is also an Engineer, which provides you with the distinct advantage; the survey crew gets all the data needed for engineering and you don’t pay for a separate site visit by the Engineer.

Some of the services JD McGee, Inc. can provide include:

::problem evaluation, analysis and resolution options
::communication/liaison with local government agencies
::written correspondence to local government agencies
::pre-project planning consultation (usually a flat fee)
::construction inspection services

::Stamped structural design calculations and specifications
::Retaining walls
::Beams, columns, and footings
::Truss uplift hold down design

::grading and utilities
::earthwork (cut and fill) quantity estimates
-::materials quantity estimates

-::building and site layout
-::establish baseline control on site
-::provide Oregon State Plane Coordinates for site control

We maintain an up-to-date set of Building, Fire, Plumbing, and Manufactured Home Codes, which you may review in our office or they can be viewed on line by visiting http://www2.iccsafe.org/states/oregon/.

Manufactured Home Codes may be viewed by visiting http://www.cbs.state.or.us/external/bcd/programs/mdprogram/md_2002mds.html

For a guide to when the Building Official will require plan preparation by a "Design Professional", please click http://osbeels.org/docs/Reference Manual for Building Officials.pdf.

If you have a question concerning licensed Engineers and Surveyors visit the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Land Surveyors (OSBEELS) site by clicking http://osbeels.org/.

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