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Utility Design is typically included in new Site Development projects and includes water, wastewater, and storm drainage systems. It also includes the design of replacement systems in existing developments or for municipal and quasi-municipal community infrastructures.

JD McGee, Inc. will evaluate your site development project or existing situation and will assist you in determining the best route to achieve your desired outcome. In addition to the physics of system design, we are very familiar with the regulatory requirements (i.e., Oregon Drinking Water Program, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and local jurisdictions), that need to be satisfied for project approval.

We will help you to provide a high quality of life in your community. A written contract with a clearly defined scope of work will be provided.

Some of the Services JD McGee, Inc. can provide include:
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::System Analysis and Evaluation
::On-site Wastewater Design

::Sand filters

::Recirculating gravel filters
::AdvanTex Systems
::Specialized Septic Discharge Facilities

::Sewer lines/systems

::Water lines/systems

::Storm Drainage Systems
::Design Professional/Project Management
::Franchise Utility Coordination
::Applications to permitting agencies
::Drafting Design

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